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If you are doing a redesign of your master bedroom suite and want a unique and luxurious addition to your walk-in closet, consider adding a bit of natural stone! Even though many people only think of adding stone countertops to kitchens and bathrooms, your walk-in closet could shine with a bit of natural stone as well!

A natural stone overlay of your wall, on the countertops of your built-in cabinets, or on the center island/dresser of your walk-in closet will elevate the design and add a feeling of solid luxury to your closet.

For a more showstopping look, add veined marble slabs to your closet’s shelves and countertops. For a look of subtle textures, add a black granite slab to the top of your walk-in closet’s dresser. For a totally unique and feminine look, add a pink marble slab to the backsplash with recessed strip lights behind your jewelry display case.

No matter the style you are looking to achieve in your new walk-in closet, KOL Marble & Granite has the right solution for you! With hundreds of natural stone slabs in our showroom, we’re sure to have what you need.