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When it comes down to the decision on which kind of stone to use in your upcoming home project, there may be some confusion as to whether you should choose marble or granite. There are many differences between the two and they will be covered more in-depth here.



Marble is very versatile, luxurious, and does not go out of style. For this reason, marble can be used almost anywhere in your home. Common places to use marble include master bathrooms, kitchen counters, and even accent walls such as the backsplash behind or around your fireplace. However, with this elegant type of stone, it is important to be aware of how to maintain it throughout the years. Marble is a porous type of stone that requires sealing on a regular basis. Marble, therefore, is not always recommended for flooring because it can be cold and slippery to walk on and will also end up requiring more upkeep in the long run if it is walked on every day. Marble is susceptive to chipping, cracking, scratching, and staining. In terms of everyday care, homeowners can simply wash down their marble surfaces with water and gentle soap and then dry.


Granite is also a very popular choice for home projects but tends to be less of an extravagant choice. However, granite, like marble, is a widely-loved stone that can be used throughout the home on multiple surfaces as well. Common places to use granite include countertops and islands, vanity tops, desktops, and sinks. Granite also requires upkeep and care to maintain its beauty for years to come. But the good news is, granite is mostly resistant to water and mold, making it naturally resistant to bacteria build-up. Because of this fact, granite is a popular choice to be used in bathrooms because it can stand up to a moist environment. Not much is needed other than a microfiber cloth to wipe down the granite surfaces in your home.

So, Marble or Granite?

Now that you have more information on how people generally choose between marble and granite, where in the home these two are typically used, and how to take care of each, it should now be a bit more clear on which is best for your style and home renovation goals. If you’re looking for a luxurious stone and don’t mind some extra upkeep, marble is the way to go. However, if you’re looking for less luxury and more functionality with less upkeep, granite is probably your best bet.


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