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When it comes to choosing the best tile to install in your bathroom, the number of options you may have to pick from may be daunting. At Kols, we have granite, marble, exotic marble, Cambria, pental quartz, Dupont zodiaq, Silestone, and Caesarstone.

Let’s go over which kind of stone tiles may be best for you and your bathroom.


  • Kol’s Granite installation is best for bathrooms that get very wet and steamy. This is because granite can survive water and does not lose its shine from moisture.

  • Kol’s Marble is good for a guest bathroom that doesn’t get everyday use. This is because marble requires upkeep & maintenance such as annual sealing to avoid stains and water damage

  • Kol’s Exotic marble is best for bathrooms with minimal use and for those who are most concerned about the aesthetic of their bathroom versus daily functionality

  • Kol’s Cambria can be beautifully installed inside the actual shower of the bathroom, but the enclosure must be made waterproof

  • Kol’s Pental Quartz can be a great choice for almost any bathroom due to its ability to withstand heat, moisture, scratches, and stains

  • Kol’s DuPont Zodiaq is also a very low-maintenance surface because it is non-porous and chemical/stain-resistant

  • Kol’s Silestone is great for basic/everyday-use bathrooms because it is typically used for countertops and it has a relatively low absorption level and almost no joints for water to seep it, making it an ideal choice for an unchanged counter throughout the years

  • Kol’s Caesarstone is a great option for those looking for the aesthetically pleasing, yet functional bathroom because this material comes in many colors/textures to fit the look you’re going for, but is also moisture and heat resistance to check off that functionality requirement you may be looking for as well


How to pick which stone tile is best for your bathroom?


  • Decide on the style you’re going with; everything else (aesthetically) will revolve around that decision

  • Think about what size you want the surface to be

  • Decide on no more than three different surfaces that fit with the aesthetic of your choosing

  • Take your tub/shower space into account

  • Consider maintenance & upkeep of the surfaces you choose to install


What is the pricing like?


*Keep in mind: these price estimates do not include labor or installation


  • Granite: $35 – $75 per square foot

  • Marble: $75 – $350 per square foot

  • Exotic marble: varies

  • Cambria: most people spend between $1,700 – $3,500

  • Pental Quartz: $50 – $100 per square foot

  • DuPont Zodiaq: $35 – $100 per square foot

  • Silestone: $50 – $100 per square foot

  • Caesarstone: $55 – $75 per square foot