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All of our natural stone countertops start out as a large slab of stone directly shipped from a quarry. The process of transforming a slab into the beautiful and functional stone countertop that you install in your home is called fabrication. Here’s our process at KOL Marble & Granite for fabricating natural stone countertops with minimal waste and maximum efficiency.

  1. Measure Twice – The first step of the fabrication process is to visit your home and make precise laser measurements of the space in which your kitchen or bathroom countertop will be installed, including all corners, angles, and sinks.
  2. Cut Once – The measurements are then brought back to our facility, along with your natural stone slab, and inputted to the RSJ (Robo SawJet), which uses both a waterjet and a saw for precise and effective cutting that will minimize the number of seams in and give a solid and smooth look to your countertop. Any custom edges will also be cut at this point.
  3. Polish and Shine – The last step is to polish the slab to a high shine on all visible surfaces so that your countertop is protected and hygienic, as well as aesthetically pleasing.

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