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When choosing a material for countertops, one factor to think about is the hardness of the material. While not all granite, limestone or other stone countertops share the same hardness due to variations in quality or manufacturing, the Mohs scale of hardness provides a good touchpoint for referencing the hardness of your natural stone countertop choices.

The Mohs scale is a measure of hardness from 1 to 10 that simply works based on scraping two materials together and seeing if one scratches. The one with a scratch is determined to be softer and gets a lower rating. Diamonds are rated 10, and talc (used for baby powder) is 1.

Countertop stones are ranked for hardness on the Mohs scale as below:

Soapstone – 1

Marble – 3-5

Limestone – 3-5

Sandstone – 6-7

Granite – 6-8

Quartz – 7-8

Harder countertops will be more durable, so if you want durability choose a granite or quartz slab for your kitchen or bathroom countertop. Here at Kol Marble and Granite, we have options for every natural stone, so be sure to ask about the durability of each slab when selecting your countertops. Contact us for a free estimate on affordable stone countertops today.