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A smaller kitchen or bathroom can still have a luxurious and elegant feel with a natural stone countertop like granite, quartz, or marble. Granite countertops come in the widest range of colors and styles, so here are a few tips on choosing the best granite countertops for your small kitchens.

A small kitchen might have less natural light since the wall space that could have had a window is instead occupied by a cabinet to provide more storage space for cooking utensils and ingredients. For that reason, having a darker granite color for your kitchen countertop will make the room feel even smaller and darker. Not to mention that without much light to see, any spills may be more difficult to see and clean up effectively on a darker countertop.

Granite naturally has variations and patterns within the stone that add to the natural beauty and unique qualities of the design. For a smaller kitchen, however, having too many variations within the stone can be overwhelming. Even if you are not over-cluttering your counter space, a busy countertop design can make you feel messy. 

If you are looking for ideas or a better understanding of what granite countertops will work best for your small kitchen, check out The Best Stone For Kitchen Remodels.No matter your personal design style and the size of your kitchen, contact KOL Marble & Granite today to find a natural stone countertop that fits your needs perfectly.