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Although your kitchen countertops might be made from a durable material, it isn’t advisable for you to chop anything directly on them. It’s much better to get the right kitchen tools to cut and prepare your food rather than turning these surfaces into expensive cutting boards.

Marble, quartz, and granite are just some of the popular materials used for making kitchen countertops. However, these aren’t totally immune to damage which can result from chopping and cutting ingredients. Sharp knives can easily create scratches or chips on these surfaces while acids from different fruits can create stains and cause discoloration. Not to mention, cutting your food directly on this surface will not only affect the quality of your countertop but can also degrade the cutting ability of your knives.

Instead, you should get yourself a quality chopping board or two so that you have a nice surface for all your food preparation needs without risking the condition of your countertops. Wood boards are great for when you’re cutting fruits, vegetables, and red meats. On the other hand, plastic is generally a better choice for cutting chicken, fish, onions, and garlic since the material is less likely to absorb the smell and fluids.