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Not seeing the entire stone slab when customers are selecting their natural stone countertops can be a costly and time consuming mistake for homeowners renovating their kitchen or bathroom. Here’s why you should never settle for seeing a small sample of the stone you are choosing for your new countertops.

All of the beauty of a natural stone countertop comes from the variations in color within each slab. Marble, granite and quartz all have ribbons and spots throughout their coloration that creates a remarkable work of art as singular and unique as a fingerprint. Imagine if you took one square inch of the ceiling at the Sistine Chapel. You might get a sense of the style of this famous fresco, but you would miss out on the entire picture and all the different elements there are.

It’s the same way with a stone slab. If you only see a small sample of the stone countertop you are purchasing, you won’t see the unique variations in color, some of which you may not like. Make sure to view the actual, entire stone slab when purchasing a new natural stone countertop.

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