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Granite is known for being a top choice in kitchen remodels. Granite is hard and durable. Properly sealed, granite can resist stains.


Here’s a step-by-step guide to caring for your granite countertop every day to make it last for years and years.


Daily Maintenance of Granite Countertops


No matter the maintenance requirements, all-natural stone countertops require consistent attention if you want to keep the surface looking its best. The following steps will help you achieve this with your granite countertops. 


Use a SOFT cloth and a pH-neutral cleaner on dried food.


While you may use soap and warm water for your counters, there are several cleaners available on the market that are specially designed for use with granite. Spray on the cleaner and wipe your counter down. Make sure you’re only using cleaners or dish soap that are pH neutral, rather than acidic cleaners such as ammonia or vinegar. If you make the mistake of using an acidic cleaner on your granite countertop, you risk stripping away any sealant from the countertop, which will ultimately leave the surface vulnerable to damages.


Don’t scratch your countertop with harsh cleaning sponges or cleaners. This can ultimately lead to the scratching of the surface. 


Wipe your tops down regularly.


Despite granite countertops being among the lower maintenance options out there, it is still highly recommended that you keep up with cleaning them regularly. Regular cleaning can even be as simple as using a small amount of dish soap and warm water, so this process is generally not difficult or time-consuming. Make sure you use a soft cloth to wipe the surface down, not a rough sponge.


Wipe down spills immediately with warm water and a drop of dish soap. Rinse the soap off your countertop and buff with a clean, dry, soft cloth.


Blot spills right away


Don’t wipe around a spill because you will just be spreading the liquid around. Instead, cover the spill with a paper or fabric cloth. Isolate the spill to that area, and that area only. Pour baking soda alone on oily stains to absorb the oil or grease.


Granite is porous because it is a natural stone. Any liquid that stays sitting on its surface has the potential to irreversibly stain the surface— whether it’s an olive oil or red wine spill.


Dry those spills.


Granite is still porous because it is a natural stone. Sealed granite can only resist moisture for so long. 


Keep hot pans on the stove.


Keep pots and pans fresh from the oven or stove OFF your countertop. Granite is known for being tough against heat. However, you will wear down the stone over time.


Be as cautious as possible.


It is imperative for you to be as careful as possible when dealing with any natural stone countertop— and yes, this includes your granite countertop.  As such, it would behoove you to use coasters when placing drinks—hot or cold— down on the countertop so that you do not risk any chance of either the drink’s or the condensation’s moisture penetrating the surface. Another way to be cautious is through the use of trivets or hot pads when cooking or serving hot dishes in the kitchen. Despite the fact that granite is a generally heat-resistant stone, consistent exposure to high temperatures of heat will ultimatley weaken the countertop over time. 


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