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We look to our father figures for guidance and knowledge. This Father’s Day remember the men in your life who taught you a thing or two in the kitchen.

  • Ask him to write down his most-loved recipe. In this digital age, sometimes we forget to use a pen and paper. Plead with him to write out the steps to make the meal he knows by heart. He probably hasn’t recorded it anywhere because it’s “in his head” so paper seems extra to him. In several decades, you can look back and see his handwriting (which is unique to him).
  • Make his favorite meal. Even if your father is not around, you can still honor his memory by preparing his favorite dinner. It may have become YOUR favorite food, too!
  • Play his favorite genre of music. While preparing the dish, put on some tunes that your dad liked to hear. Streaming services can pull almost any song or artist. Was he a big fan of Frank Sinatra, or was Benny Goodman his jam?
  • Watch his favorite movie. If you are far away from your dad, try to set up a virtual viewing of the same movie at the same time. Netflix Party is available for Netflix users to allow them to watch a movie or series even though they are far away.

At Kol Marble and Granite in Cherry Hill, NJ we want to give a shout-out to all of the dads, especially the ones who taught us how to cook!