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Companies for natural stone countertops fall into three categories: suppliers, fabricators, and installers. Some of them can be more than one category, like KOL Marble & Granite, which is all three. So, what is the difference between these three categories of company, and what do they do along each step of the natural stone countertop purchasing process?

Suppliers – A supplier will be the one that provides the actual stone slab that will be used for your countertop. Many suppliers get their natural stone from quarries around the world, including America and Italy, just to ensure the highest quality of natural stone. Some specialize in one kind of stone, like quartz, marble or granite, and some suppliers have a broader selection of stone types.

Fabricators – A fabricator is responsible for turning a raw stone slab into a beautiful countertop. They will measure your countertop space, including fixtures and detailed specifications on the angles of the cabinets. Then they cut the slab according to those measurements. They are also the ones that polish and cut an edge into the stone.

Installers – These companies are the ones that actually place the countertop into your home.

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