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When it comes to kitchens, one of the best ways to make the room look clean and charming is to make sure that your countertops are shining. Many people are too busy to clean regularly, which is why they look for shortcuts and easy ways to keep their home looking clean. The good news is, keeping your kitchen countertops shiny does not have to be difficult. Of course, it depends on the type of countertops that you have.

To keep laminate countertops shiny you are going to want to avoid any products that will leave behind a residue. Simply use some mild detergent mixed with some warm water to clean the countertops and then wipe with a dry cloth. It is important to make sure that you dry the countertop after wiping it down to keep them shiny. After they are clean, adding a thin layer of car wax to the top will really make them shine.

For those with natural stone countertops, it is important to only clean them with soap and water. Make sure that you use a microfiber cloth to dry them. If you notice that water is not forming drops, it is likely time to reseal your countertops.