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Granite is a natural stone. It’s picking up on the popularity and consequently, you are more likely now than ever to find homes that utilize granite in their interior ranging from kitchen countertops to facades, basins, and even walls and floors.


Are you also seriously considering granite? Well, look no further. We have compiled all the information that you will need to make up your mind.


Why You Should Choose Granite for Home Interior Design


Granite is a popular material. No doubt about that. More and more homeowners are gradually shifting towards granite than more conventional materials. So, what’s the reason behind that? Well, granite offers numerous advantages, such as:


1. Granite adds value to your home and makes any space more attractive, classy, and sophisticated.


2. Each piece of granite is unique in its darkness, veining, color, or pattern.


3. Granite is very affordable, starting from $40 per square foot including installation – making it a great choice for homeowners on a tight budget.


4. Granite resists moisture, bacteria, and stains, meaning you can improve the hygiene and cleanliness of any space with granite.


5. Just like any other natural stone, granite also resists heat and as a result, is a great option for spaces such as dining tables and kitchen worktops.


6. Granite is few of the strongest and most durable interior design and decoration materials out there. It will last forever. Granite additionally resists chipping and scratching.


7. Last but not the least, granite is extremely easy to maintain.


If those aren’t reasons enough to choose granite over a fancier, costlier, or more brittle material for your interior decoration and design needs, then we don’t know what is!


Home Interior Design Uses


Interior walls can make good use of granite. Granite tiles add a dash of elegance, shine, and class to your walls. If enhancing the look is your #1 priority then you cannot go wrong with a nice granite wall – either light or dark. Polished granite also has a mirror effect. Alternatively, you can also use aged or honed granite if you prefer natural sensations over the mirror effect.


Another area that can use granite is the floor. Interior decoration is incomplete without good flooring. Flamed, sandblasted, or chiseled granite is suitable for floors because of its non-slip nature. Granite’s hardness, low porosity, and abrasion resistance all make it an ideal floor material.