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No matter how hard we try to keep everything clean and flawless, there’s always the potential for things to go wrong with home improvement projects.
This post looks at solutions to removing tape and glue from countertops without damaging the surface. It’s a common problem most contractors and DIY experts face at some stage. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to get rid of it without scuffing or scratching the counter.

Step 1. Scrape Off as Much Glue as Possible

Start by trying to remove as much glue as possible from the surface. Make sure you use a plastic-edged tool for the task. Plastic won’t scratch granite, natural stone, or veneer counter surfaces.
Don’t apply too much pressure to the tool on wooden counters, as it might cause compression and dents in the wood. If the scrapping is working, but it’s slow work, they step 2.

Step 2. Soak and Scrub with Hot Soapy Water

Mix a batch of hot water with a diluted soap solution. Soak a rag in the water, and leave it to soak into the tape or glue for a few minutes. Continue with your scrapping, and you should find it easier to remove the adhesive.
However, if you’re having no luck with the glue of tape after soaking and scrubbing, it’s time to move onto step 3.

Step 3. Try Acetone

When natural remedies fail, we turn to the chemicals for assistance. Get some acetone-based nail polish remover, and apply it to the glue or tape with a brush. Let the acetone penetrate the adhesive, and start scrapping with your tool again. The solvent in the acetone breaks down the adhesive bond, allowing for easy removal. Make sure you’re careful when working with acetone. Don’t get any on your skin, and avoid breathing in the toxic fumes from the solvent gassing off in the air.

How to Prevent Adhesive Residue

To prevent the same problem from happening again in the future, make sure you hire contractors that install your countertops professionally. Professional installation ensures no residues left behind on the surface.
When working with glue, tape, or other adhesives on countertops, use a protective layer over the counter. Drop cloths are a good choice for large projects, but something as simple as working over a plastic mat can prevent glue drops on the counter.
When lining up the tape, make sure you get the right measurement and line on the first application. Heat the tape a little before applying it to the counter or surface. Heat allows for easy removal if you get a misplacement.