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Color coordinating the backsplash with your countertops can be difficult to visualize, which is why material selection can be challenging. For you not to be overwhelmed with different options, try to focus on choosing the countertop first to narrow down or lessen your choices. In addition, there are fewer colors and patterns for countertop materials. This is also what a lot of design experts advise because this is most likely where your budget will be allocated, making it a bigger investment than the backsplash. Moreover, countertops are generally more visible and will most likely be noticed first.

Once the kitchen countertops have been installed, you can take home samples of the backsplash and see if it matches your countertops, cabinetry, fixtures, and lighting. Color wheels are also a good option to evaluate what colors are complementary or make a good contrast.

If you happen to find a backsplash that you really love, go for it. Just remember that if you choose a bolder backsplash, go for a more basic and simpler countertop that won’t clash with the style you’ve chosen. If you really want the same color, however, you can break the monotony by choosing something patterned or textured just so have a bit more elements to add to the space.