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Natural stone countertops come in a variety of types of stone, from marble and granite to quartz and sandstone. The most common types that people have heard of, however, are marble and granite. So, what are the differences and how do you choose one for your kitchen or bathroom’s new countertop?

Marble Countertops

The most famous stone for decoration, art, and luxurious interior design, marble is a very popular choice for stone countertops. Marble is fairly rare, and comes in a limited number of colors, but it is the most classic and beautiful stone choice for homeowners in New Jersey.

Granite Countertops

Granite is also a highly sought after stone to use for kitchen and bathroom countertops in homes and businesses alike. Unlike marble, granite comes in a wide range and variety of colors, patterns, and designs. This can give you more options to find the perfect countertop for your unique style, but can also be confusing when there are so many choices.

No matter which stone you choose for your countertops, be sure to check the entire slab before deciding so you know the exact pattern and variations that you’ll be receiving.

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