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Marble is commonly white, black or gray with accents and patterns within the stone. But did you know that there are other marble colors that you can use to set your kitchen countertop design apart from everyone else? Here are three colors you didn’t realize marble was available in:

Blue – From pale blue to dark, navy blue, blue marble is a rare and striking color for your natural stone kitchen countertops. Blue veined marble is reminiscent of water, so a blue marble countertop can be good for a beach house or nautical design.

Green – Green marble is very unique and is often a rich, forest-green color. Try pairing it with gold accent hardware in your cabinets for a modern and luxurious look.

Pink – With a pink marble countertop, your kitchen can have a softer and warmer feeling that is quite inviting to guests. To avoid going too soft, try pairing it with metallic and shiny surfaces like chrome or glass that will stand out and provide points of interest.

Don’t settle for a basic kitchen design. Use marble colors for your kitchen that will ensure your kitchen is personable and reflective of you. Visit the KOL Marble & Granite showroom or to see our full selection of natural stone slabs, including colored marble countertops for your kitchen today. After, you see the possibilities of marble in person, check out our Design Tool to help you envision your perfect kitchen.