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Designing a kitchen is a challenging endeavor. Not only does your kitchen need to be a functional space, it also needs to be a beautiful one. On the topic of beauty, a well-chosen marble countertop can serve as a centerpiece for your kitchen’s aesthetics. Use these tips so your design will compliment your marble slab perfectly.

Don’t Settle!

If you have a particular look in mind, stay vigilant and on the lookout. Each slab of marble is unique, so if you don’t like that one extra dark vein in the corner of the marble, move on to the next one. The pattern and veining in a marble slab is a very important factors in your design.

Contrast Your Colors

Your marble countertops should be the focal point of your kitchen as they are probably the most expensive element of your design. The worst thing you could do is blend them in with the rest of your kitchen. Draw attention to them by using contrasting colors so they stand out. If you are planning on installing a backsplash or having bold colors, you may want to check out How To Color Coordinate Your Backsplash With Your New Countertops

A marble or granite countertop in your kitchen will increase your home’s value and beauty. Contact Kol Marble and Granite today for a free estimate.