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When you are redesigning your kitchen, one of the most important choices that you are going to make is the type of countertop that you are going to install. There are many different choices of materials for countertops from which to choose. One of the top choices is granite. If you have decided to go with granite, narrowing down the choice from there can still be a bit overwhelming as you will quickly see that there are many styles and colors from which to choose.

There are many creative ways that you can choose to incorporate granite into your kitchen. One popular choice is a mixture of brown and black granite. This is a wonderful color scheme as it can bring out the color of your cabinets. It is also a very elegant design.

Another popular option is black and silver granite. This color will look stunning with white cabinets. You can incorporate many other colors into your kitchen as well when you choose a darker colored granite countertop.

There are many swirled colors or you can go with a solid slab. The choices of designs are really quite endless.