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Adding countertop edges to your kitchen countertop installation completes the look. Any new countertop purchase comes with your choice of edge style for the countertop. It is possible to choose from a variety of styles and sizes based on the size of your kitchen and your preferred interior design style.

Some popular edge options include beveled edges, bullnose edges, mitered edges and even waterfall edges for a more contemporary look. Whether you’re looking to add subtle detail or a dramatic statement to your kitchen countertop, there is an edge option that will work. Plus, edging gives your countertops a finished look and added protection from water and spills.

No matter what edge style you choose, it’s always a good idea to have your countertop expertly installed for a perfect fit. The end result will be a beautiful kitchen that you can be proud of! Enjoy your new countertops with their stylish edges – happy cooking!


How To Choose a Countertop Edge Design


The material of your countertops, the size and design of your kitchen, and your budget should all be taken into consideration when deciding on a countertop edge style.


Certain countertop materials may not be able to tolerate all edge styles due to their inherent properties. Quartz countertop edge profiles are typically the most diversified, owing to the fact that quartz is extremely resilient and can withstand even the most complicated edge patterns without breaking down. The edge possibilities for laminate countertops are typically more limited. Inquire with your countertop maker about the various types of countertop edges that are feasible with your counter material of choice.


If you have a large, open kitchen, the majority of countertop edges will look well at home. If you have a small kitchen or a kitchen with tight corners, on the other hand, you may choose to go with a more modest edge profile to save space. The counter corners should be able to be navigated without colliding with anything else.


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Traditional design kitchens benefit from ornate countertop edges such as ogee edges, whilst contemporary kitchens benefit from simpler edges such as square or beveled edges. There are no hard and fast laws about which edge is best for which style of kitchen, but it is vital to consider the overall appearance of your kitchen when making your decision.


To be expected, a highly detailed countertop edge will be more expensive than a more basic edge. Keep in mind that, like with any purchase, you should consider your budget.

With laminate countertops, the edge is created by attaching a separate piece to the countertop with glue. It is possible that you may not need to replace all of your countertops in order to significantly improve the aesthetic of your kitchen. As an alternative, you can give your existing laminate counters a new edge.


Tip: Whenever possible, inquire about countertop edge alternatives with your countertop manufacturer at the outset of your counter choosing process. You’ll be able to get a clear picture of what your kitchen will look like this way.


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