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At Kol Marble and Granite, your beautiful new countertops will be perfectly cut to fit your kitchen exactly. When redoing your kitchen or bathroom countertops, it is a good opportunity to consider changing out your sink as well, since the countertops can be cut to fit any sink.

How to Choose the Right Sink

There are a few factors to choosing a sink, but the first and most important is size. If you are not planning on redoing your cabinets, the sink you choose must fit into the existing cabinets. Measure your sink base and then subtract 1.5 inches per side to find out the maximum size your sink can be. The allowance is necessary to mount the sink securely. Depth is also a factor, since a deeper sink will hold more items, but will require more bending so might not be suitable for those with poor backs.

Secondly, you must choose the type. There are undermount sinks, overmount sinks, and apron sinks available, and a variety of materials to choose from. Keep your lifestyle and budget in mind when choosing quality materials, since your sink cannot be changed once your countertops have been cut.

For new countertops in your kitchen or bathroom at an affordable price, contact Kol Marble and Granite today.