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Natural stone countertops are usually associated with home kitchens and restrooms. But, if you want to elevate the look of your commercial space, a natural stone countertop, wall feature, or other design element can be a beautiful and luxurious addition. Here are some businesses that can easily include and benefit from using stone. Using natural stone for these business designs can elevate their look, feel, and experience.  

Professional or Medical Offices – High end clientele will appreciate an impressive marble countertop in your office when they approach your receptionist’s desk for the first time.

Restaurants – With more family style tables being added to open floorplan restaurants, a large granite tabletop that is properly sealed can make a bold statement to appeal to the younger demographic of your new, hip restaurant.

Retail – Displaying your products against a natural stone wall or shelf can add an element of interest and be an attractive design feature or centerpiece to your store. Especially if you offer luxury items that will benefit from the contrast in textures (hard and soft, light and dark, and so on).

To add natural stone to your commercial property’s renovation or build, contact KOL Marble & Granite today for the best deals, selection, fabrication, and installation of natural stone. We can help you find the right natural stone for your business space today!